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Recognizing golden rule difference makers

Larry Fultz Guest columnist

Many individuals quietly create golden rule moments as they actively serve in their community but seemingly do not receive great amounts of attention.

At our recent Golden Rule Banquet on April 7, where we celebrated Golden Rule Honorees who exemplified the golden rule, we added a new feature that we hope will help bring attention to some of those whose dedicated work sometimes hides out of the view of the community and the media. We called them “Golden Rule Difference Makers.”

Today, we want to acquaint you with just one of those many “Difference Makers.” This “Difference Maker” plays a significant role in the development of children whose parents may both have to work to survive. In fact, this is the case for many families across our community.

Wayne and Mary Sue Watson have been in the daycare center field for many years and have played a significant role in helping to upgrade the state system for the betterment of the child and parents. But their role as a difference maker is a recent addition to the already wellestablished A+ environment they provide for every child in their care.

This year they are choosing to apply and add the title of “golden rule school” to their portfolio, along with being a first-class care center. This means that every child will be intentionally guided to learn about golden rule behavior and how to live it with their fellow classmates.

To be a golden rule school, it all begins with the teachers and caretakers. As they demonstrate kindness, respect, civility and empathy toward one another, the children begin to emulate what they see being modeled in their presence. The best part is that they bring this behavior home, so the child is sometimes teaching the parent who may never have had the opportunity that Wayne and Mary Sue are providing for the children about this foundational life principle.

And so it was with great delight that the Arizona Interfaith Movement was able to honor this amazing couple at our recent banquet as one of the difference makers in our community being honored that evening.

One parent enrolled at their center said: “It is a great comfort to know that while I am working, I know that my children are receiving the best of care and are being taught what I as a parent teach them and want them to learn.”

It is indeed a special calling to care for these little ones who will someday grow up to be parents themselves. These early and formidable years are so important in the future of our community, and we are so grateful to have people like the Watsons who have given their lives to care for our future.

Their schools are located at:

● Premier Children’s Center: 3335 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix

● Children’s Campus: 2830 W. 43rd Ave, Phoenix Rev. Larry Fultz is the Executive Director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement.

Golden Rule Moments

Wayne and Mary Sue Watson are recognized as “Golden Rule Difference Makers.” COURTESY OF WAYNE WATSON

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