Golden Rule Difference Makers Recognized!!

We’d like to congratulate those who were recognized recently at our Golden Rule Awards Banquet as Golden Rule Difference Makers. These are individuals who are going above and beyond to “Make a Difference” in the lives of others. We’d like to highlight a few GEMS about these wonderful people:

Mrs. Maureen Adams – Maureen is a servant soul. She finds great joy in taking on a challenge and providing the leadership to “get the job done”. A great communicator, and a high achiever, she makes some of the most daunting projects seem simple. Maureen has served as Executive Director of Catholic Education Association, bringing excellence to the challenge of providing top education. She has an entrepreneurial spirit which takes her on ‘the road less travelled’. She is a delight to know and follow.

Police Chief Randy Brice – Randy is the 1st Chief of Police of the Town of Queen Creek, AZ. It was established January 11, 2022. He was with MCSO for many years, and then went to the Gilbert Police Dept. where he served as Asst. Police Chief. After 20 plus years of service, he was appointed to his current position of Chief of Police. His officers share in his vision and are more than willing to implement and follow his lead.

Mr. Michael Caputo – A 27-year Law Enforcement Veteran, having served as second in command with the FBI. He took the reign as Director of Public Safety for Grand Canyon University in December 2021. He is a great leader a great man of faith, and a great family man. GCU is a “family affair”, with his children studying at / gradating from GCU and his wife serving on their Parent Advisory Board the past four years.

Ms. Ramona Felix – Ramona, otherwise known as “Sister,” is a very caring, giving, selfless person. Sister was a nun for the Sisters of Charity; she taught grade school in Arizona; then she left to take care of her mother. Following her mother’s death, she then went to work for Father Wasson’s orphanage, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, in Mexico. She brought girls to Arizona to live with her, go to school, and learn English. Later in life, she adopted two children and raised them as her own. Because she spent so many years as a teacher, education was always important to her. Recently, she fulfilled the lifelong dream of establishing a nonprofit Foundation in honor of her parents, Mary B. and Ramon B. Felix. The Foundation will provide educational scholarships to students in need for years to come. Mary B. and Ramon B. Felix Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Dr. Jane Hammond and Dr. Eugene Huddle – Dr. Eugene Huddle and his wife Dr. Jane Hammond have given their life to education across America.  The project they are involved in now is what makes them a “Golden Rule Difference-Maker” of the highest standard.  Today there are 11 families in Puerto Penasco who have a bright future because of their investment in them.  Here is a sample of the breadth of their work:

  •  They have built each family a home made out of cement with the necessary bedrooms, a kitchen with appliances and home furnishings.
  •  They have provided the families with vehicles to transport their children to school and back.  
  • They have provided an English teacher in which all family members must participate in learning the English language.
  • They provide a monthly stipend for the family for 3 years or until they can provide for their own sustenance.
  • They require that one member of the family must work.
  • They require the entire family to go to a place of worship.
  • Each child is provided with a computer for educational purposes.
  • They have provided a playground for children in the section where their homes are being built.
  • They have provided a computer workshop station where children can be tutored.
  • The goal is to help each family build a bright future.  One of the beautiful examples of what they have accomplished is a young lady from the first family they helped has now entered College.  When they began working with the family, none of the children were in school but now this young lady has finished her formal training and is now enrolled at one of the leading universities in Mexico. We celebrate their great work and can certainly be considered without doubt two great “DIfference Makers.”

Dr. James Kelly, DDS – When Dr. Kelly arrived in Phoenix 7 years ago he recognized a need for poverty level students to receive dental care and has volunteered his services for students at Genesis City and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers. Since relocating from Harrisburg Pennsylvania in 2015, this kind Dentist has offered his services for free, several times a year, to kids who desperately need checkups and cleanings but simply cannot afford it. Recently, a student in terrible pain was fortunate to be one of Dr. Kelly’s patients at his free mobile dental clinic at Genesis City. Dr. Kelly made arrangements for the young lady to come to his private dental office in Phoenix for treatment. It was there that he removed her wisdom teeth free of charge. Dr. Kelly also offers his dental services free of charge to students and adults who are in recovery for substance abuse and addiction. More examples and pictures are on Dr. Kelly’s Instagram page and on his website,

Dr. Eric Ossowski, M.D. – a loving, kind and humble family man, who volunteers with a Native American Medical Facility. He supports Social Justice issues, and the homeless community. Through his work with the ACAS he identifies and provides incentaves and awards to HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and Native American organizations / communities who adopt non-smoking policies. He USTHA (United States Public Health Service)

Ms. Jennifer Provence, a Registered Nurse, who has tirelessly worked at St. Joe’s Hospital in an I.C.U. unit during difficult times. She worked long hours during the pandemic while wearing the protective masks and clothing that was uncomfortably hot, while maintaining compassion for others in her heart and sometimes some needed humor. She is also making a wonderful difference in a 9 year-old boy’s life like he is her own son – with patient help with his school homework; and helping him learn to cook, and other life-skills.

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Mary Sue Watson – Wayne and Mary Sue have been in the Day Care Center field for many years and have played a significant role in helping to upgrade the State system for the betterment of the child and parents.  They have a well-established A+ environment they provide for every child in their care, plus they recently added to their portfolio the Title of “A Golden Rule School.”  This means that every child will be intentionally guided to pursue Golden Rule behavior toward their fellow classmates.It all begins with the teachers and caretakers.  As they demonstrate kindness, respect, civility, and empathy toward one another the children begin to emulate what they see being modeled in their presence.  The best part is that they bring this behavior home, and it is a case of sometimes the child teaching the parent who may never had the opportunity that Wayne and Mary Sue are providing for the children who cross their doorstep every morning.

Guess what? Wed love to invite you to recognize a Golden Rule Difference-Maker for 2023! Please stay tuned for details on how to do that.