In prayerful response to hate crime at New Zealand Mosques

Press Release:  Once again the religious world has felt the results of extremism of the worse kind. The Arizona Interfaith Movement stands with our Muslim friends around the world and here in Arizona who have felt this painful act of hate in New Zealand. It should never be so that people of any faith should find themselves fearful to enter their house of prayer but that is the world we live in today. It is incumbent on all of us to always condemn these extreme groups of people regardless of our politics, our faith or our ethnicity. We, at the Arizona Interfaith Movement, have joined together with over 20 different faith communities to build bridges of understanding, respect and support for one another. To my dear Muslim friends we express our deepest sympathy for the loss of these lives and earnestly pray that these acts of violence and hate will cease in our world. When people begin to live by the standard of the Golden Rule, which is found in all of our sacred writings, we can find peace in our world.

Rev. Larry Fultz, Executive Director, Arizona Interfaith Movement