Highlights, Gratitude, Pictures – Golden Rule Awards Banquet 2018

Arizona celebrated the Golden Rule Day, that began internationally on April 5th via the United Nations, at the Golden Rule Awards Banquet on April 12th.  Our deep gratitude to all who attended, to Pat McMahon, Emcee Extraordinare; the Faith Fair Participants; those who donated items to our silent auction; the prayers that opened the Event, Mesa Mayor John Giles; Ron Peer for the excellent videos; and all the volunteers who made it happen!

One attendee summed up the overwhelming feedback we’ve been getting …  “Each year the Golden Rule Banquet seems to reach new heights and leave participants with a glow of thankfulness for their participation in a wonderful and inspirational evening. … Amazing dedication and attention to details continue to craft a breathtaking evening encouraging everyone to ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated.'”

We’d like to share highlights of this event mostly through pictures that captured special moments…

Here’s program page…









and a few Photos from the event… Thank you Lynne Ericksson for your awesome pictures!!

(Hint:  click on the Proclamation and the other pictures come up, click on the small picture and it gets featured.) 

Total pictures for the 2018 Golden Rule Banquet at our sharing site, HERE on Shutterfly.

AND our featured Golden Rule Students of the Month, thanks to AZ TV7, Bashas’ and the AGREE program (which is Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences)!  Check out their great messages on the short video made by Michael Petry at AZ TV.  HERE Thank you Michael!!

We were so honored to have so many students with us this year from Genesis City – they also volunteered and showed guests to their tables!  Another was this incredible group who asked so many wonderful questions at the Faith Fair Reception – Fellows from the Barrett Honors College at ASU, with Dr. Christine Buzinde, PhD.