Experience Interfaith – Gratitude, insights, photos, videos

While it is hard to put something really meaningful into a few words, we’re going to try!

The evening provided such a sanctified space; voices were reverent, individuals were engaged and genuinely listening to each other. No one spoke over another, and the respect that was offered seemed to nearly transform the space into something holy. There was such peace expressed and deep joy at being able to share faith in such a diverse group, and many people offered gratitude for being able to participate in this kind of event and sincere interest in finding more opportunities to do this again.

Check out our photos on our Facebook page @azifm!! We just posted all our pictures and a video of Rev. Larry Fultz and Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton’s heartfelt tribute to our much loved Courtney Lonergan. Truly, our best tribute to Courtney is to keep her love for community, people and living the Golden Rule alive and moving forward! I think attendees would agree this event had just that lively and respectful atmosphere.

Our Security guard even commented about the great time he had and he had never seen such a diverse crowd as ours being so kind, respectful and actually listening to one another. He felt bad to charge us for his service since he had so much fun. Plus he loved the food and will be going to each of the restaurants to thank them for their donated meal.

We truly thank the following Indian Restaurants by our Sikh friends for donating the vegetarian dinner provided at Experience Interfaith. We hope you enjoyed it so much you’d like to go to their restaurants to have seconds!

At the end of the Discussion time we asked for Personal Actions from everyone! Here are a few we received…. thank you!

Read books about other faiths
seek to build relations with people of other faiths
Invite oppotunities to discuss each other’s faith.
Open dialogue without judgement
Finding common ground
Interfaith in Metaverse
Be kind to everyone and don’t judge others.
We are all spiritual beings
Negate hate
Reach out to peopole in the community, especially those in need
Speak kindly to everyone you see
Visit other faith organizations
Continue to dialogue openly and listen to others.
Being inclusive and be a part of the community
Share more with other people
Be more positive
Love everyone
Be accepting
Develop spiritual support group
Work on Building Bridges
Get more involved in work being done by my church – food pantry, etc.
Show kindness, charity to neighbors
Expand knowledge
Make Friends
Continue to foster and facilitate open-mindedness when interacting with others who don’t see some truth.
Become more in2quisitive about the ideas of others before opening with mine.
Appreciate the time I have here on this journey
Don’t turn a blind eye but reach out when you see a need.
Be curious and don’t make assumptions.
Be open, listen actively and be geniune.
Share this experience with friends.
Love those I encounter in my daily life.
Continue volunteer work.
Ask questions and be open and willing to spur conversations about faith.
Help host and organize events to welcome diversity, faiths and learning.
Meditate and share more.
Be aware of spirity / God in all I do.
Continuing to love all.
Volunteer out in the community.
Speak to others with kindness, respect.
Invite friends to Experience Interfaith 2024
Live by the Golden Rule.
Visit the Facility more to learn more about other religions backgrounds.
Bring friends next time!
Smile at everyone I meet
Think about other people’s needs over my own.
Ask more questions with respect.
Teach, educatte and infirm my students with the help of friends made tonight.
Teenager share
Introduce this experience to our Congregation and specifically our Golden Rule Committee.
Work on bringing teenagers from different faith backgrounds together to share differences and similarities.
Treating others better than I treat myself.
Being kind and expressing my feelings about my youth. I am 12 years old.
Doing Seva and sharing my culture with others.
Love is the key..

“This event reenergizes my soul. To come together in faith and love and a wonderful meal is a marked treasure in my heart.”
“So much wisdom in discussion group, a highlight”

Thanks to everyone who attended, shared and got engaged with others and made this event so special. Special thanks to Les Koel for the Sound System – and no, he did not give planes flying into Sky Harbor permission to fly over our event! Thanks, too, to Rev. Larry Fultz and Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton for all your efforts to live stream the event.

PS A new member got this!

AZIFM published an “Interfaith Cookbook” on “Amazon“? Rich with culture, great food and more!We’ll have a few for sale at this event!