A Statement and Call to Action

A Statement and Call to Action by Arizona Interfaith Movement

12/13/21 – Clarification: While we mentioned the violation against the Muslim students and their scriptures, as they seemed to be targeted in this attack, we stand in opposition to such acts as this towards any faith. ASU’s Prayer Room, the Hayden Library’s Interfaith Room, is for those of all faiths and their scriptures and materials, and we honor and appreciate that this provision is there for the students.

December 10, 2021: The recent horrible violation against the Islamic students at ASU ** reminds us once again that our world is corrupted with people filled with hate who have no concept of what it takes to live in a world of diversity.  There are no rational excuses for such heinous acts and we at the Arizona Interfaith Movement condemn these acts and pray for those who were violated in such an undeserving manner.  It is also our prayer that those who committed these acts will be caught and brought to justice and in so doing will bring a message to all that these acts will not be tolerated at any time nor at any place.

Prayer is a powerful method to combat enemies of the good and to violate a place of prayer compounds the revolting action of these misinformed perpetrators.  We pray for you, whomever you are that your heart will be changed and your minds enlightened that to live in our world today we must all abide by the Golden Rule that teaches us to treat one another as we would desire to be treated.

By Rev. Larry Fultz, Executive Director

Jane Goodall  gives great counsel in her book, “The Book of Hope, a Survival Guide for Trying Times,” when talking with coauthor Douglas Abrams, “… every single major religion gives lip service to the Golden Rule –Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.  So it’s easy—there’s our universal moral code.  We just have to find a way to persuade people to honor it!” (Page 55).

These kinds of hateful acts call caring people into prayer where we can all do something to help out.  More than lip service, we need to work at engaging the Golden Rule we all hold so dear in our faith traditions.  It can start with us and grow.  One with The Almighty is still a majority! 

We would like to invite an ongoing prayer vigil to stop further inexcusable acts such as this on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/AZIFM  Please use this space share thoughts to lift others to see a pathway of hope, compassion, civility and healing.  We’ve heard it said that love is more powerful than hate!  Truly.  May our prayers guide our thoughts, hearts and actions into more peaceful, kind and civil ones.  It is a win-win for everyone with the Golden Rule in charge.

By Anne Taylor, Business Manager

** Referencing ASU’s Crime Story HERE

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