Highlights of EXPERIENCE InterFaith in Phoenix

EXPERIENCE InterFaith on November 15th was notably heartwarming and gave a renewed sense of hope to attendees – Just our sincere hope and goal!!   See our points below and see for yourself.  Also, watch for something in the Republic about it in about 10 days…

Huge thanks to everyone who helped to plan and put on the event, and all the volunteers and attendees who came!  Also we thank our generous sponsors and hope you’ll help us thank them some more by visiting their restaurants, which are listed at the bottom of this page. AND check out the EVENT, LIVE STREAMED, here on our Facebook Page, AZIFM.  Click HERE for the link and enjoy!

A few high points:

  • Talking with others and learning together
  • Making new friends of new faiths / cultures
  • The focus was for all faiths and cultures
  • If a group of ten very different people are able to find one similar thing that makes each of us human, then we can be accepting of others more than we may think

A few shout outs / take aways we got were:

  • Talk and dialogue more to learn facts and clear up mis-information
  • Make more efforts to get to know others and be kind to them and helpful
  • Have group dinners and dialogue with others of different cultures and faith traditions
  • Be a living example of peace and kindness
  • Invite others to participate
  • Remember that Love will prevail
  • Rembering kindness towards animals, too
  • Take the time and effort to reach out with an interfaith group in my area
  • Stay in touch with my group and keep talking together and learning
  • Listening more and having more empathy
  • Find the common ground
  • Pray for humanity
  • Do good
  • Help more cities become Golden Rule Cities, then put up permanent street signs
  • Talk to my neighbors
  • Share my faith more often in public
  • Find ways to appreciate things I don’t understand
  • Be respectful – humanity to humanity
  • Do Experience Interfaith more often
  • See people, not labels
  • Ask more questions of others’ faiths
  • Speak respectfully and civilly in conversations
  • Be courious
  • Be an advocate for tolerance and civility
  • Share with others what we learned at this event
  • Be more open minded and learn
  • Being more truthful
  • Do self examination
  • Living and speaking out of love not fear
  • Treat others with respect, kindess and humility
  • Listen and try to establish trust
  • Be of service and share talents
  • Love for humanity
  • Embracing differences
  • Invite people of other faiths to speak to people of my own faith (expand understanding)
  • Being more committed to serving the community
  • Spreading love, kindness and compassion
  • Educating others
  • Smiling more
  • Being more aware of other’s needs
  • Have the courage to share spiritual concepts without hesitation
  • Invite others to join service activities
  • Respect others’ views
  • My actions must speak louder than my words
  • Pray and hold space for all religions nd faiths
  • attend others’ worship services to learn
  • Stand up for those being disrespected by friendly conversation
  • Will not complicate by hateful or divisive speach
  • Seeing God in everyone
  • Express unity and break down assumptions and stereotypes of those who are afraid / angry
  • Laughing more and sharing joy
  • Don’t judge
  • We have more in common than we think
  • Do dinner / discussion in my neighborhood
  • Don’t be afraid to share our faith – loving to live the Golden Rule
  • Smiling more and keeping positive
  • Don’t discourage people, encourage them
  • Give back
  • Go outside my comfort zone to learn new things
  • Approach someone new and ask how they are and tell them something positive

The Faith Fair Reception was fun and interactive — one thing that was offered was to experience wearing a Sikh Turban!

Here’s a student who said yes to the offer…

And gave her permission to share it, thank you!



We thank our generous Sponsors for Experience Interfaith!

Sikh-owned Indian Restaurants donating the Langar meal:  (Many compliments on the excellent food served!!)
India Oven, Mesa: Sarabjit Singh
Guru Palace, Mesa: Rana Sodhi/Surinder Singh
Indian Delhi Palace, Phoenix: Harjit Singh Sodhi
India Palace, Phoenix: Manjinder Singh
Chennai Fusion Express, Chandler: Ranjit Singh/Suminder Singh

Other gracious donors:

– Dr. Jaswant Sachdev
– Soul Singh Khalsa
– Harjinder Singh
– Harpreet Singh

Les Koel, of Scientology: Sound engineering and equipment
Courtney Lonergan, Planning and Facilitation
Carrie, Photography during the event
Felix, Art during the event

All volunteers who made this event possible

Nicole, Rita & Perry Consulting Event & Meeting Professionals

Stay tuned for other coming Experience Interfaith events.  In the meantime, carry it forward and bless others.