AZIFM presented Experience InterFaith at the Parliament in Toronto!!

Great News! In case you haven’t heard…. the Arizona Interfaith Movement had a notable presence at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto this November 1-7, 2018.  We presented a workshop about “Experience Interfaith”, as a sample of our 13 plus years of experience at the Arizona Interfaith Movement. Handouts were shared at the event and are posted below, along with a few pictures. These will help anyone interested in doing their own Experience Interfaith, have a few handy “how to” tips and a Personal Action / Evaluation form.

Pictures –

BC Front cards

If you’d like to put on an EXPERIENCE Interfaith event, here are steps we use that might help you get started… 

Initial Logistics

Set date and time

Secure location – deposit


Designated program coordinator

Designated MC

Faith fair

Shofar/Blessings from different faiths

Sponsors acknowledged. This is free event


Discussion circles

Guru ka Langar

Before leaving, group pictures taken

Fill out Evaluation sheet

Roving interviewer for live stream

Clean up

Faith Fair

Invite Interfaith groups to participate

Educational displays

Free literature

No proselytizing

Turban tying/shofar lessons

Discussion Circles

Designated moderator

Designated group facilitators

Designated recorders/ shout out presenters

Develop theme and questions

Instruct groups on process and sequence

After discussions, presenters share groups’ results

Guru ka Langar

Break down chairs after. Ask for help setting up mats and Langar serving items.

Participants asked to sit down and remove shoes.

Designated coordinator to contact 5-6 Sikh restaurant owners to bring different food dish each

Local Gurdwara provides serving pots/utensils

Mats/plates/utensils/napkins/water set up after discussion circles done

Invite servers. Local Gurdwaras request servers to participate

Food blessed and divided into serving containers

Servers distribute food

When finished, servers also collect trash from rows

Serving pots collected and taken to Gurdwara

Gurdwara clean up crew goes to Gurdwara to help with clean up

Event Planning

Detailed coordination meetings, at least six months before event


Interfaith group members

Local congregation members

College students

Local politicians

General public



Congregation announcements/bulletins

College announcements/bulletins

Social media

Print media

Livestream – 250,000 or more views on FB


Event venue

Round dining tables/tablecloths


Rectangular serving tables/tablecloths

Rectangular faith fair tables/tablecloths

AV equipment/sound system/music/mikes/stands


Set Up


Tables/tablecloths for faith fair

Round tables/tablecloths/chairs for elderly

Chairs in circles for discussions

Pick up Langar mats/bring to venue

Tables/tablecloths for Langar serving

AV for music/mikes

Trash bins/Recycling bins

Trash bags


MC makes closing remarks

Promotional materials passed out

Participants asked to help with clean up – mats/chairs/tables/trash etc.

Clean Up

Take Langar pots to Gurdwara

Roll up mats and take to storage

Stack chairs/tables/stage for pick up. Empty trash


Personal Action / Evaluation of Event – Take aways to keep the good work going form

Personal Action Sheet – How will you implement the Golden Rule to bring civility & peace to your local community?

Directions: Please fill out form below. Keep lower copy for yourself and turn in the top part for the AZ Interfaith Movement. (Be creative & keep it simple! There is no wrong answer. Start with a smile, learning something new, or helping a neighbor. Don’t worry your name will not be shared…….…………but please share your action! )

As you return to your daily routines, what actions could you take to help carry the energy from this Experience Interfaith event forward?

I will live the Golden Rule by. . . .

  • Come to Experience Interfaith 2019!!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy – the Sikhs provided a beautiful and bountiful Langar meal each day at the Parliament and WOW, it was enjoyed!