Calling “Golden Rule Difference-Makers”!!

Through these challenging times perhaps you’ve noticed someone we would call a “Golden Rule Difference-Maker”? 
You know, someone who has surpassed all expectations to show kindness and compassion to others. Maybe they saved a life. Maybe they solved a problem at work that was really needed. Maybe they helped a struggling child with virtual school work. You get the idea. 
If you’ve been appreciating such a person, and didn’t know how you could show your appreciation, here’s a great way ….

Nominate them to be recognized and appreciated at the Golden Rule Awards Banquet on April 7th!!

Here’s how it works:·

        Choose an amazing Diffference-Maker, who may bring one guest with them to the event.

·        Your amazing Difference Maker will be recognized at the event, their name will be in our program,and will they will receive an Award Certificate at their table!

. Tax deductible donation of $500

·        Sign up here by selecting “Difference-Maker”

Full details here:

PS We usually sell out with over 900 guests, and expect to be sold out for this event but you can still purchase your seats and tables here: