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Golden Rule Moments, Larry Fultz Guest columnist for The Arizona Republic
(Pictured, Pastor Magdalena Schwartz and Marilyn Murray Interview with Pat on AZ TV7, March 15)

While media headlines may scream out for the need of civility, Golden Rule Moments have been happening.

They will be showcased at the 13th Annual Golden Rule Awards Banquet and provide a much needed respite — it’s an evening filled with hope, inspiration and ideas, as Arizonans who have found the principle of the Golden Rule as their way of life and practice will be honored Thursday, April 12, at the Mesa Convention Center, 201 N. Center St. Hall of Fame broadcaster Pat McMahon will be the master of ceremonies.

At this Golden Rule celebration, five people and organizations will be honored because many people in the community and the Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM) feel like they have exemplified the Golden Rule:

  • Muhammad Ali: Acknowledged around the world as an ambassador of peace, Ali is receiving, posthumously, the Paul Eppinger Peace GoldenRule Award for his diligent long-term efforts in bringing cultures, religions and countries together.
  • Pastor Magdalena Schwartz: An immigrant from Chile, Schwartz, through her thriving ministry and chaplaincy program, acts as a liaison and spokesperson between the Latino community and the police departments of Maricopa County, earning her the respect of other community and religious leaders, as well as the prestigious Darl Andersen GoldenRule
  • Marilyn Murray: As an author, teacher and psychotherapist, Murray created the renowned therapeutic process the Murray Method, which she uses in the treatment of trauma of thousands of Russians in Moscow and later with patients throughout the entirety of the former U.S.S.R., and now in over 37 countries around the world, thereby truly earning her the International Humanitarian GoldenRule
  • Rose Mapendo: Having survived a horrifying ordeal in a Congolese death camp with her children, Mapendo created the Rose Mapendo Foundation, whose mission is to empower women in the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to work together to end ethnic violence, counsel families devastated by brutality, and support refugees from the region, thus making her deserving of the Strengthening Families International GoldenRule
  • Playworks: Through the use of “structured” school play, children learn to interact in empathetic and civil ways while simultaneously learning essential social and emotional skills that will benefit them in the classroom and in their future lives — earning Playworks a much deserved Education GoldenRule

Special features during the event include:

❚ Golden Rule Students of the Month, recognized since May on AZ TV7, will share a few words of Golden Rule wisdom that will make your hearts smile.

❚ Evie Clair, “America’s Got Talent Finalist,” will perform.

❚ MaddieRose Holler, Miss Arizona, will perform.

The world is changing so rapidly around us — the constant can and should be the Golden Rule, with respect for our fellow man.

AZIFM, which is an organization composed of many faith traditions and community organizations, is grounded on the Golden Rule. Although their religious beliefs may differ, members do share the same commitment to living out the Golden Rule through kindness, empathy, respect and civility.

The evening will being at 5:30 p.m., with a Faith Fair where guests can learn about 25 faith traditions and how the Golden Rule theme of “treating others as you want to be treated” is weaved through all of them. The dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m. For further information about this community-building event, please visit www.AzIFM.org. You’re sure to have a Golden Rule moment there!

The Rev. Larry Fultz is executive director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement.

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