Highlights of Experience Interfaith

Arizona Interfaith Event Draws Record Numbers

Nutshell version – People were ON FIRE with the event this year.  Many students wanted to come and learn.  Professors brought classes.  There were lots of people who had never heard of this event before, having a great time.  There were plenty of others who keep coming back year after year, and bring someone along to enjoy it with them.  We got requests to have this event more often.  We thank everyone who came and participated so it was such a fun and meaningful event.

Thank you Channel 8 for the wonderful news coverage.  ASU’s “Downtown Devil” also reported on the event. Read the report by Lia Juriansz.

Loved the SHOUT OUTS!!  Here are a few we got – thanks everyone!

Listen twice as much as you speak
Love not in spite of difference but because of it.
Lean in and listen
loving without knowing
Caring without limits
Being Christlike constantly
Reaching out and saying Hi to those different than me.
Display acts of kindness
Show empathy to those around me.
Attend more interfaith events
Learned about a couple of new faiths
When a family member makes an oversweeping misconception about Muslims, I can correct it.
I can better relate to my LDS friends and speak to them more uderstanding.
Associating with people outside my circle
Passing on good engergy
Being open to other people’s faith
Finding inner peace first
Spreading love to others.
Showing compassion towards others
Find common ground
Actively investing in religious and non-religious communities through acts of service.
Smile / Listen / Respect
Love and serve those beyond my comfort zone
Love my neighbor
Speak up with kindness
Serve others
Respecting and Acknowleding similarities AND differences
Understand that experiences can define beliefs
Love exists in all people, they just share it differently
See God in all, OR see not God at all.
Meet others where they are.
Actively listen
Listen and Acknowledge
Put others first but don’t forget yourself
Invite families of other faiths to my house for dinner
Create service oportunities for families of multiple faiths
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Complimenting others
Pray for more ways to bring peace and for daily inspiration
Start an interfaith club at my school
Respect rather than tolerate
You get what you put in
Focus on the similarities
Your heart can be more

This year’s Theme: “Building Peace through Pluralism”

What is pluralism as it relates to our theme?
— Being completely true to one’s own beliefs and viewpoints.
— Actively engaging with others through sincere, respectful dialogue.
— Actively working to find common ground with others on areas of mutual concern.
The area of concern we’re addressing tonight is peace; with oneself, one’s family, one’s community and the world as a whole.

Historical points about the Sikh Langar:

About 500 years ago, when the Sikh religion began in India, one of the social ills they sought to change was the caste system, where high caste people would never be associated with the people in lower castes. To accomplish that, they served a free meal to every person after the worship services, with everyone taking off their shoes and sitting on the floor, with their being no division between members of different castes. That is still done today.

We thank the Sikh members who served this three course vegetarian “Langar” (Pronounced “Lun-gar”) meal. We would like to thank the Restaurants who provided the food:
Guru Palace, in Mesa – thanks Rana Sodhi
India Oven, in Mesa –  thanks Sarabjit Singh
Indian Delhi Palace, in Phoenix – thanks Harjit Singh Sodhi
India Palace – thanks Manjinder Singh
Chennai Express Grill, thanks Suminder Singh Sodhi