Join Us


Our mission at Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM) is to build bridges of understanding, respect and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue, service and the implementation of the Golden Rule. We hope you will join us in this effort through a commitment to:

Live the Golden Rule

Promote interactions of kindness & civility

Find common ground in the face of conflicts

Show Empathy and Respect to others

Be part of a peace solution


General Membership to Support the AZIFM Mission

Membership – $50 per year.

Corporation, Congregation or Municipality Membership – $100.

Golden Rule Partner

Golden Rule Partner on the AZIFM Interfaith Council – may serve on committees and attend meetings without voting privileges

Golden Rule Partner – $50 per year.

Golden Rule Partner for Corporation, Congregation or Municipality – $100.

Faith Representative

Faith Representative on the AZIFM Interfaith Council – serves on committees and attends meetings with voting privileges. Must be a member of a 501(c)(3) religious organization and must be willing to volunteer time and financial contributions.

Faith Representative – $50 per year.

Faith Representative for Congregation – $100.

AZIFM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit; contributions are tax deductible. AZIFM reserves the right to accept and approve all applications. The above subscriptions will occur annually and may be cancelled at any time.


Student Membership – $15


The AZIFM Interfaith Council is a group of members who meet monthly to further the work of AZIFM.  We have Committees like Education, Community Faith Forum, Event teams for Experience Interfaith and the Golden Rule Banquet and Membership.

Individual / Congregational Faith Representatives may have one vote, collectively; have up to 2 main Representatives; more may be attend and participate.

Payments can also be made by check to AZIFM at 1300 N College Ave., Tempe, AZ  85281