“Scientology 101 with Les Koel” a Faith Forum / Video

We thank Les Koel for a very informative Faith Forum to learn some basic information about the topic, followed by Q & A.

And we recorded the program. please view it HERE.

Here’s our saved questions from the Chat box…

19:43:50 From Karolyn Benger to Everyone:
What does “personal immortality” mean?
19:44:10 From Helen Hunter to Everyone:
How does Scientology describe the higher power
19:48:21 From Blaine Nelson to Everyone:
With 8 billion on earth compared to earlier smaller populations, does that suggest that many of our past lives have been lived on a different plane of existence?
19:48:41 From Murray Schneider to Everyone:
Have you experienced exteriorization with certainty that you are a spirit, soul or thetan?
19:50:50 From staffan berg to Everyone:
Exactly what are those “mental blocks” that can prevent medicines to heal the physical body? It seems as if I heard they be described more like emotional blockages rather than mental…
19:57:37 From Anne Taylor to Everyone:
Do you charge for Auditing? Is it a profession of a Scientologist?
20:00:48 From staffan berg to Everyone:
If the theatan is being reborn through many lives, is there also a process of getting out of that “cycle of rebirth”?

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Resource information about Scientology, please access their website:

— Scientology Network – all new season:


— Home Site: https://www.scientology.org/

— Religious Scholars: See


To learn about Scientology beyond the headlines, we invite you to join us in the presentation of Les Koel…..

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