Now on video! “Prayer Power and Prayer for Leadership” Faith Forum

Now on Video! ¬†“Prayer Power & Praying for Leadership” – October’s Community Faith Forum!
Most faiths recommend a process of prayer and/or meditation. We all know how our own faith tradition prays, but do we know how other religions do it? What does the process involve? Is there a key ritual? Are there requirements to do it properly? At the conclusion of the Faith Forum, our panelists will offer prayers of peace and civility from their own faith traditions, asking for a spirit of unity rather than divisiveness to prevail in the upcoming election – and beyond.

We thank our panelists, who are some AZIFM members / Interfaith Council:
Shama Shamasundar –Hindu,
Sue Lynn Stiner – Protestant Christian,
Pastor Ray Navarro – Seventh Day Adventist,
Dr. Jaswant Sachdev – Sikh,
Ed Casper – SGI Buddhist,
Anne Taylor – Christian Scientist,
Jo Anne Crooks – Family Federation of World Peace and Unificationist,
Jeffrey Schesnol – Jewish.

Date: THURSDAY, Oct. 20, 2016
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (please feel free to bring your lunch)
Place: Arizona Jewish Historical Society

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton

We are pleased to offer Community Faith Forums, monthly, through the school year, to discuss topics of the day together in a respectful manner, listening and considering many different perspectives. While AZIFM doesn’t take positions on issues, through the different viewpoints discussed, hopefully one can have a more sound basis for their own viewpoints.