Huge gratitude!! Golden Rule Banquet 2023

People spontaneously rose to their feet in ovations for the incredible work and Golden Rule messages being given by the Honorees.  It happened with each Honoree!  What a spirit of unity and appreciation – you could feel it in Banquet Hall at the Golden Rule Banquet on November 9th

In spite of the difficulties and challenges before us, we are made to realize once again that there are people and organizations who are there to do good. Kindness and concern for one’s family and the community is thriving.

Pictures from the program are coming….and will land here soon.

I would like to thank you – all the members and supporters of the Arizona Interfaith Movement for your steadfast support for many years, especially at this time as we emerge from the pandemic. While conflict, wars and strife continue we know we can rely on the acts of goodness in the spirit of the Golden Rule.

On behalf of our AZIFM Board and Council, we thank our honorees past and present and to everyone who gives them needed support. We thank Pat McMahon for being such a magnificent Emcee; Ron Peer for his AMAZING videos; Joyce Beukers, Founder of the Therapeutic Harp Foundation, with her colleague, Jocelyn Obermeyer, for the beautiful Harp Music.  We have so many to thank besides Faith Fair representatives and volunteers …. Please see our Gratitude page in our digital Golden Rule Banquet PROGRAM

Golden Rules from 19 Faiths are listed in our digital Program as well.  I ask all of you to continue your steadfast support as we all try to live the Golden Rule.

Event Honorees / details here.