A Statement re: UCC Resolution

The Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM) has generally chosen not to take positions on controversial political issues, as we welcome members whose politics vary. 

However, we have been bold and resolute when one faith, ethnic group, culture, race of people or nation is attacked.

In this spirit, and after much contemplation, AZIFM feels it needs to respond to an unfortunate proclamation issued by The United Church of Christ (UCC) that labels Israel and the Jews as “sinful.” The use of a religiously charged term when violence against the Jews is rapidly increasing, reduces the prospects of lessening misunderstanding and hate.  

The statement has been seen by many as attacking Jews, not policy. We hold the UCC in high regard, and kindly ask them to reconsider their action.  (See UCC  Resolution: https://www.uccpin.org/FAQ)

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a very difficult and complicated issue that needs much prayer, honest diplomacy, and peaceful discussion. 

Loving, Learning and Living the Golden Rule can be a way to reduce religious conflicts. AZIFM has provided Golden Rule education since 1995 in community events and programs.  We always stand ready to work with others of goodwill to implement the Golden Rule to help build a bridge to peace.