A Message of Gratitude for 2022 and Hope for 2023

Imagine the world where there are many halls where we move from one room to another. Before we move, we perform the ceremonies and rituals.  French anthropologist Van Gennep called these, “rites of passage”.

My former student and friend Har Rai Singh Khalsa rode a white horse to the beautiful gurdwara bedecked with bright lights and decorated with colorful flowers to have the ceremony of bliss (Wedding rites) with Shiva Sakti. Friends and family sang and danced in the streets to accompany Har Rai to the holy place. His mother, Gurukirn Kaur Khalsa was beaming with joy. What a sight to behold! What a grand celebration to remember!

There are more hopeful signs of 2022.  Several friends brought forth babies to our world. Chris and Layal Rabat had Samara.  Ashley Shoemaker and Matt Suarez had Eli Everett and Amanda and Travis Timmerman had Realta.  [Picture: Albert with Samara ]

The world population reached 8 billion on November 15, “signalling major improvements in public health that have lowered the risk of dying and increased life expectancy. But the moment is also a clarion call for humanity to look beyond the numbers and meet its shared responsibility to protect people and the planet…”

With joy the Arizona Interfaith Movement looks back to the blessings of 2022. We thank you for your presence and support. 
With optimism and hope it is looking forward to the coming year 2023. We continue to envision a “world of harmony, goodwill and peace among persons of all faiths where the Golden Rule is a universal way of life.” 

Join us in our mission – to build bridges of understanding, respect and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue and service.

In solidarity,
Albert Celoza, Ph.D

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