Meet Lenae!

Hi there, you have not met me yet. I am new here. That is why I am so excited about what Arizona Interfaith Movement (AZIFM) is doing! You see, AZIFM’s purpose is to gently remind everyone of The Golden Rule: to treat others the way you want to be treated. Seems easy enough, right? 

The great State of Arizona has been doing this wonderful thing for a while (since 2003 to be exact), where Arizonians are encouraged to live The Golden Rule. Here at AZIFM, we’ve jumped a few steps ahead, and crafted beautiful, special license plates through the State of Arizona, to remind others to live The Golden Rule: to really love one another, to help one another, to be kind to one another in a world that is so quick to judge.

I am so excited for these plates. What better way to encourage the love and enthusiasm we should all have, to live by The Golden Rule. Rather than being inpatient on the roads, we can have this reminder to spread some kindness. 

By purchasing one of these special plates for as little as $25 (initial fee) and $25 annually, you will be living The Golden Rule by spreading the hope and acknowledgment of The Golden Rule. They are the ultimate generosity contributor. The next time someone asks you about your specialty plate, you can proudly state this shows your commitment to The Golden Rule, thus reminding your friends, family and loved ones what truly matters to you, at the end of the day.

Think of the purest message you could pass along to your neighbors, colleagues, and community. Imagine if you could help share our message, to truly create a more peaceful, kind, loving, and warm place to live for future Arizonians to come. This is the surest way to be able to do just that!

Make a pledge today to help all Arizonians work to live and create a better tomorrow for the future of Arizona. This would mean the world to me. This is exactly why I joined this beautiful organization in the first place: to try to make the world a better place to live. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we are all trying to do, to feel at peace with our planet and fellow community members? 

By living The Golden Rule, you are making a commitment to have better relationships in life. By spreading your love of The Golden Rule, you are acknowledging that actions matter, how we treat others matter, and you are expressing your commitment to creating a world more infatuated with creating and maintaining relationships than the newest trend you find on social media.

Make the pledge today! To obtain your Golden Rule license, please go to our website, click on the license plate tab, then click on the order now button that links to ServiceArizona. It is an investment in our community, our state, and our future. Thank you, from all of us here at AZIFM!

By Lenae Walters – the new part time admin for AZIFM. With years of experience in customer service, a passion for service, and a hope of a better world, I am thrilled to be a part of the AZIFM purpose and program! 

PS Here’s a picture of the Golden Rule license plate