Mike Wold

Mike Wold is the volunteer Arizona Regional Coordinator for the Institute for Healing of Memories, an organization that conducts weekend Healing of Memories Workshops throughout the world, providing healing to people who are suffering psychologically or spiritually from the painful memories of the past. He coordinates these workshops for veterans in Arizona. Mike is a US Navy veteran who is involved in organizations serving veterans and their families including being the leader of the Our Lady of Joy Military Ministry in Carefree, Arizona. In 2019 Mike was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame.

Mike was a successful organizational development consultant, leadership coach, teacher and facilitator for more than 15 years and gained 25 years of experience in management and project management in the private and public sector.  He is a former Financial Director and Assistant Commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Economic Security. He is also a former Engineering and Program Management Director at Lockheed Martin Corporation where he led large engineering organizations and business units. He served as a graduate level adjunct instructor at both the University of Minnesota and the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. He holds an MS Degree in Mathematics from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the Carlson School of the University of Minnesota.