Betty Mcgee

Betty McGee, Faith Representative

Dr. Betty McGee, Faith Representative

Was born and raised in Calhoun, LA.

She and her husband of forty three years, Tyronne, are both retired United States Air Force Veterans.

They are the proud parents of three adult children and nine grandchildren, one of which is an LSU Tiger.

Pastor Betty graduated from Bible college and seminary, as well as the Chaplaincy (CPE) Program, Banner Desert Hospital and Cardon Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, with a total 1200 clinical hours and 400 academic hours.

She became an ordained Pastor, 26 Oct 2006, under the ministry of Dr. Albert Peyrerfitte, House of the Lord, Inc., Moreno Valley, CA.

She presently serves alongside Pastor Andre Miller, New Beginnings Church, Mesa, AZ.

She is a member of Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert Police Department’s Community Forum, and Co-Chair, EVNAACP Legal Redress Committee.

One of Pastor Betty’s greatest desires, and is committed to seeing the female gender, of all ages, colors and ethnicities reach their highest God ordained potential.