Highlights, Experience Interfaith in pictures!

A few words from a first time attendee nailed the spirit of Experience Interfaith: “It was wonderful! … Those who participated felt welcomed, accepted, and loved!!”

May the pictures help tell our story about Experience Interfaith! CLICK HERE for pictures to ENJOY… and please feel welcome to keep some dialogue going on our facebook page…facebook.com/azifm

Thank you to our sponsors, everyone who attended and participated, all the awesome volunteers. (See below for details…) And watch for Experience Interfaith 2020!!

May our communities feel inspired to express more kindness, empathy, civility and respect. Thank you for Living the Golden Rule.

In Partnership with Heritage Square Foundation, EXPERIENCE InterFaith was on October 24th! It was FREE, thanks to our generous partner and sponsors. We hope it enriched your interfaith understanding of how others think about important concepts we have in common but may not understand about each other’s faith perspective.

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Event Shout-Outs: stay tuned to our Facebook Page, AZIFM!! It’s coming soon…

We thank our generous Sponsors for Experience Interfaith!Sikh-owned Indian Restaurants donating the Langar meal:India Oven, Mesa: Sarabjit SinghGuru Palace, Mesa: Rana SodhiIndian Delhi Palace, Phoenix: Harjit Singh SodhiIndia Palace, Phoenix: Manjinder SinghChennai Fusion Express, Chandler: Ranjit Singh/Suminder SinghDelhi Palace, Tempe: Paramjit SinghOther gracious donors:Dr. Jaswant Sachdev

Why does this event matter? Please check this out, https://cronkitenews.azpbs.org/2015/11/09/experience-interfaith-event-draws-record-crowd-to-valley/

Thank you!