AZIFM Statement during these critical times

Considering the recent violent events in our Nation and our State, we at the Arizona Interfaith Movement will not remain silent when anyone is treated with less than the respect they deserve.

The Arizona Interfaith Movement is and will remain a nonpolitical organization drawn together by our mutual faiths and our acceptance of the Golden Rule. It is toward this effort, to serve our faith communities and respect the Golden Rule, that we must speak out at this critical time to promote reform and healing.

As people of faith we recognize and value human dignity. We stand with our communities of color and acknowledge the pain and trauma they have endured far too long. We believe that Black lives matter and this statement does not reduce the value of any other life.

We stand in solidarity with lawful and peaceful protesters but are unalterably opposed to destructive acts as a means of dissent.

We are grateful to our law enforcement officers for their service to our communities. We also believe that it is important that police forces across our nation reconsider their use of deadly force and implement a universal set of guidelines to eliminate acts such as the recent tragic deaths that have occurred.

Victor Hugo said it well: “Where one faith is persecuted, no faith is safe.” This is equally applicable to any race or any part of our community. When they are violated and marginalized our entire community is less safe. The Arizona Interfaith Movement stands ready to engage in relevant conversation and do any work needed to bring about a more just, peaceful, and welcoming society.