Dear Community, a video message from Pat McMahon

Dear Friends,

Pat McMahon, Hall of Fame Broadcaster, who is an historical Radio / TV icon, graciously invites you to join him at this year’s Golden Rule Banquet. What’s so unique about this gathering?
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Peace and Blessings,Rev. Larry Fultz, Executive Director

PS Thank you for watching the video! In case you missed details…

15th Annual Golden Rule Awards Banquet, is on April 7, 2022 at Mesa Convention Center
We’re elated to celebrate these Golden Rule Honorees:

• Marie Osmond: Paul Eppinger Award
• Dr. Gladys McGarey: Health Award
• Michael Bankston: Character in Sports Award
• Mission of Mercy: Humanitarian Award
• Trevor Gentry: Youth Award

Emcee: Pat McMahon

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A special note of THANKS to Pat for being Emcee for most of our Golden Rule Banquets over the years!
His golden touch adds so much to the event.
Sincerely, Arizona Interfaith Movement