Isam and Middle Eastern Cafe GOLDEN RULE man

Meet Isam (Arabic for Jesus) — and he is from the Holy Land – but there is more!

Have you ever visited a place and felt most welcome? In Phoenix, Isam Saed, will greet you with a smile. He will make your meal an event. He will share details about the food, its ingredients and how it was lovingly prepared. He will tell you what is in Arabic coffee and its health benefits. Beyond satisfying your hunger, Isam’s Middle Eastern Bakery (on 16th St. north of Thomas in Phoenix), is the place to enjoy hospitality at its best. 

Isam was born and grew up in Nazareth. He established successful businesses with his two brothers in Chicago . Like most newcomers to Arizona, he moved to Phoenix for its desirable climate. He started his American Journey at Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. His dorm roommate was Andrew Cherng, the man who would establish Panda Express. He then taught physics and chemistry in Haifa (the world HQ of the Baha’i faith) before coming back to the US. People of all faiths are welcome and Isam knows about all the teachings, holy sites, and languages of all religions. For him however, treating all people with kindness is his policy. Isam truly is a man who practices the Golden Rule.


Albert Celoza, Ph.D., Executive Director

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