Voices of Faith Volume 2




Voices of Faith Volume 2:

Packed with fascinating information about some of the groups that make up the Arizona InterFaith Movement, Voices of Faith volume 2 provides an invaluable resource for study, reflection, and inspiration. Each article in the book delves into the history, practice, and ideology of the religious groups whose work is featured here. More than just an explanation of the differences, however, is a focus on the common threads that unite these religious backgrounds toward the common goals of love, peace, unity, and happiness. This book is an intelligent and inspiring addition to any library.

Like Volume I, this book is concise, and provides the basic information for that religion or faith.

Featured Faiths in this Volume includes: Community of Christ, Jain, Quaker, Scientology, Seventh Day Adventist, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhism, Unity, and Hare Krishna.


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