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You have selected the Annual Corporate, Municipality Golden Rule Partner on the AZIFM Interfaith Council membership level.

The cost is a suggested donation of at least $100.00 per year for a Corporate or Congregational Golden Rule Partner on the AZIFM Interfaith Council membership.  We have new options for serving on the Interfaith Council which include being a Golden Rule Partner.  Also, students, congregations and organizations can participate generally or on the Interfaith Council.  Membership allows you to become active in the movement that is so greatly needed in our world today, and it also allows AZIFM to continue to expand in vital ways. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your payment will be tax-deductible.

Benefits of Membership

Interfaith fellowship in a supportive environment with a community and world peace building focus

Be an active voice in AZIFM project and events

Opportunities to be a resource for your faith, without proselytizing

Invitation and recognition at AZIFM events

Food, fun and friends from diverse cultural backgrounds

Your contributions are tax deductible

Types of Memberships:

1. Interfaith Council:  (Representing a 501(c)(3) Religious Organization)
Individual Membership – $50.00 per calendar year
Student Membership – $15.00 per calendar year
Congregational Membership – $100+ Donation*

2. Golden Rule Partner: (Aligned with our mission but not representing a religious organization)
Individual Membership – $50 per calendar year
Student Membership – $15 per calendar year
Congregational / Organizational / Corporate – $100+ Donation*

NOTE: For Donations of $100+ – This is based on the number of people served, basically.  It’s a voluntary donation, but this is our requested donation as a guideline.

Membership Application – Download copy, CLICK HERE

If you would like to become active and attend our monthly Interfaith Council meetings, or be a part of a planning team, please download and fill out and return this application along with your payment.  Our meetings are generally the first Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. and members and guests are always welcome.  For more information and RSVP’s, please contact our office at 602-734-5666 – Rev. Larry Fultz, Executive Director, Anne Taylor, Business Manager, or Nancy Hoffman, Bookkeeper / Admin

Whether you are brand new to this organization, or you have been strong members and friends of the Arizona Interfaith Movement for a long time – either way, we thank you in advance for continuing your loyal support.

The price for membership is $100.00 per Year.

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Membership Application

By signing up for membership to Arizona Interfaith Movement at any level I affirm to:

  • Live and promote the Golden Rule
  • Treat people, no matter their faith, nationality or culture with love and respect
  • Educate myself on the different faiths represented by AZIFM
  • Encourage others to join AZIFM

Additionally for Interfaith Council Membership only:

  • Volunteer time with AZIFM for events; serve on a committee
  • Make a financial contribution to expand the reach of this movement
  • Share from my faith tradition at AZIFM activities without proselytizing